Looking for a cost effective way to promote your business online? Southern Lights Networks offers a range of services from email to web hosting all the way to advanced shopping portals.

We can create a great looking and effective website for your business too. Without a hefty price tag!

Southern Lights Networks can also help you focus on what's important - your customers and business. Why worry about all that I.T. techy stuff when you can have us ensure your systems are up and running smoothly. 

Our servers, technical services, and customer support are all based in Australia and are dedicated to providing the very best of customer service and ensuring your web services are delivered as fast as possible using the very best web technologies.

Southern Lights Networks, an Australian owned and operated business has been providing web hosting facilities, web design services and I.T. support to small and medium sized businesses, community organisations and individuals throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as internationally, since 1996.

Flexible plans, Flexible payment options...   We accept payment by Net Banking, Paypal, Bank Transfers, Australian & N.Z. Cheques as well as Money Orders. Plus there's no long term contracts.

Southern Lights Networks provides support when you need it...   Technical Support is available 24/7 through email, and during business hours by telephone.

About Southern Lights

From humble beginnings based in New Zealand in the early 1990's, Southern Lights Networks developed websites and used shared hosting facilities. Southern Lights Networks relocated to Brisbane Australia in the late 90's and has grown and developed to provide world class web hosting facilities, award winning websites and also on-premise I.T. services to a wide variety of businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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